Pompadour – Americommerce and M.O.M Integration

Pompadour is a software application that unites the power of the Americommerce ™ shopping cart platform and Freestyle Solutions’ Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.)™

With Pompadour, you can integrate your Americommerce store with the powerful back office, inventory management, shipping and accounting services that M.O.M. provides.

Pompadour works silently in the background to integrate your Americommerce store with your M.O.M. system.

Pompadour seamlessly:
Imports customer and order data from Americommerce to your M.O.M. System
Syncs order and tracking information back to your Americommerce store
Supports Size / Color Items (Variants and Variant Inventory)**
Imports M.O.M. Stock Items from Americommerce
Syncs your available inventory from M.O.M. to Americommerce
Supports all M.O.M Payment types (Credit Card*, PayPal, Check and MultiPay)

Don’t see a feature that you must have? No problem – we can custom develop just about any feature that you can imagine. Pompadour is a modular system, and runs on a series of “jobs” that run at configurable intervals. We can build custom jobs tailored specifically to your business needs.

A license to use Pompadour costs $99.99 monthly plus a one-time $250.00 setup fee. The setup fee includes configuring your Americommerce store to work with Pompadour and your M.O.M. System.

The license includes the rights to use the software at your location, as well as unlimited support and program updates. We regularly update Pompadour with new features and bug fixes, as well as compatibility updates to make sure that Pompadour, Americommerce and M.O.M are always in Sync.

Americommerce Online Store
Freestyle Solutions’ M.O.M Version 10 or Later (SQL Version Required)
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2 or later
Windows Server 2012 or Later
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Later

Interested in getting started? Fill out the form below or simply email Sales@Toupee.io

*  Credit Card Processing requires an Authorize.Net Account

** Currently, only Size / Color Variants with a single dimension are supported